Recently, President Xi Jinping makes a visit to Pakistan. Being an important pivot of “one belt and one road” strategy, during Xi’s visit, China and  Pakistan will sign several governmental cooperation documents and commercial documents related to China-pakistan economic construction and will hold related project starting and completed ceremony .
    In fact, China and Pakistan has a big cooperation space of electricity infrastructure. According to Fengying Chen, director of Institute of modern international relations, the relatively backward infrastructure of South Asia, southeast Asia countries, and power shortage of Pakistan as well as its big space of energy infrastructure and power market is bound to  bring opportunities for China’s power enterprises to go out and engage in the world market.
    Seeing from Pakistan's resources endowment, it has a shortage of oil and gas resources, which makes its external dependency reached 68%. However, it is rich in Hydro, wind and solar resources, but their development is relatively slow. Meanwhile, Pakistan is faced with long-term absence of top power system development, slow development of power talent as well as backward infrastructure.
    Pakistan has a severe shortage of electricity, the power deficit could reach 5000mw/h during the summer peak season, which not only influences electricity of production, but also influences people’s normal life.
    Recent years, owing to lack of electricity generation, Pakistan is suffering national-wide blackout in the summer peak season. In 2012.07.10, Pakistani capital Islamabad suffered power cuts eight to ten hours. At present, In Pakistan, Electricity generation is mainly composed of water and electricity, thermal power, wind power and nuclear power. Because of lack of funds and professional talents, the exploitation of domestic abundant hydropower, coal and new energy resources is very slow. From 2000 to 2013, Pakistan’s state grid installed compound rate of growth is only 2.85%.
    Currently, China Gezhouba Corporation,  CTGNE and many other energy enterprises all get cooperation projects in the construction of china-pakistan economic corridor. In the future, there is a big cooperation space between China and Pakistan electric power field.